Welcome to EpiNantes 2018

Due to the success of our last "Epi"meetings, we organize a 4th edition : EpiNantes2018 in october 16th and 17th.

EpiNantes2018  is the 4th edition of the international Epigenetic congress. This meeting is co-organized by the Epigenetic Network of Canceropole Grand Ouest (REpiCGO) and the Epichembio working group from COST and EpiSAVMEN epigenetic consortium of Pays de la Loire.

This congress is an opportunity for international researchers, PhD students, MD and private industrials to discuss about the development of epigenetic drugs through a better understanding of molecular mechanisms of epigenetics mainly in the field of cancers. Thus, communications, short oral communications and posters presentations will be perform with the goal to inform scientific community about recent and innovative researches in epigenetic in fundamental field and also in medicine/clinical applications.

In addition, the common lunches and social program create an atmosphere of stimulating discussions and contacts. Thus, we expect that this meeting would open the way to new epigenetic projects and promote new collaborations for your future research.

Organizing committee

Cancéropôle Grand Ouest (REpiCGO)

COST EpiChembio

Pierre-François Cartron


Philippe Bertrand


Yves Renaudineau


Christophe Blanquart


Gwénola Cartron



Paola Arimondo


Scientific committee

Pierre-François Cartron (REpiCGO, EpiSAVMEN)
Yves Renaudineau (REpiCGO)
Philippe Bertrand (COST Epichembio, REpiCGO)
Christophe Blanquart (COST Epichembio, REpiCGO)
Paola Arimondo (COST Epichembio)
Pascal Bonnet (COST Epichembio, REpiCGO)
Eric Hervouet (Université de Besançon)
Paul Peixoto (Université de Besançon)
Benjamin Ory (REpiCGO)
Delphine Fradin (REpiCGO)
Jean Mosser (REpiCGO)
Sylvain Routier (REpiCGO)
Karen Plé (REpiCGO)
David Roulois (REpiCGO)
Stéphane Minvielle (REpiCGO)
Aurélien Sérandour (REpiCGO)
Jeremie Poschman (REpiCGO)